Gender Gap Can Be Closed if Women Work On It

There are plenty of reasons for which we are still discussing about gender gap.  However the main category of people to be hold responsible for it are the women themselves.  And here it is why I was thinking it would worth writing down those thoughts.

I was reviewing a list of IT requirements yesterday, when I came across the following sentence:

“Note: to ease the reading of the requirements, we will only use the ‘he’ and ‘his’ words instead of ‘s/he’ and ‘her/his’.”

Please note the whole document was produced by a team of over 70% women.  And the above sentence itself was included by a woman.

There are a number of things I can read in that phrase:

1. I was the first person within that very large organization who made people be sensitive to the fact that an user can be a “he” or a “she”.  Since the idea was proposed by another women (me in this case) the other female team members felt at ease to reject it and add the above sentence.
2. If the women herself consider it more easy to read a document which address requirements conjugated in a masculine fashion why a man would ever notice the sensitivity of any form of gender gap?

3. How can we make the diversity of IT sector become reality if women shoots themselves this way in their own shoes? As I mentioned those were IT requirements expressed by business team and where the main actor is an “user”. And as you can see a woman would consider it more easy to say user = “male” rather than user = “female” or user = “female/male”


On the other hand I have been proposed as candidate for a position in an IT department for a big company in the financial sector.  The recruitment agency just gave me a call to tell me that the client’s reviewer of my CV (a “she”) has claimed that “I have not worked enough in the IT sector”.   I have joined the IT world 24 years ago when I was passing the admission exam in a computer science class of my high school.  Ever since then I did nothing but IT projects, and the lady manager from this client couldn’t spot out that fact from my CV.  There are three options for which this perception came out:

  • I was very poor in doing my own marketing job while writing my CV
  • The previous employers who hired me exclusively on IT projects were totally wrong in choosing me over the past 16 years
  • The lady in question didnt see the potential of another woman in her team

Whatever the reason was it is obvious women do not sponsor nor trust women on large amount of times.

Women across the World, start learning how to represent your best interest if you want the gender gap to become just history for your daughters!

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