Our mission

Top Less Hunt stands for:

  • Less head hunting
    • Did someone tried to hunt for your skillful head?  Is there something you hated about that moment? Would you like to share such an experience globally so those involved in that process could learn from it?  Have you find weird heads while trying to recruit people? We are here to learn about your experience.
  • Less job hunting
    • Have you been recently available on the market struggling with the process of finding a new suitable position? Is there something you would do differently next time?  Would you share an opening position freely with your peers next time when you would have that information? We are here to learn from each other.
  • Less problems hunting
    • Are you usually hunting for problems?  Have you been trying hardly to stay positive within your working space but the problems are arising everywhere around you? We are here to fix them together.
  • More hunting for creative solutions
    • When you are busy fixing the above your creativity goes disconnected.  We are here to stay connected and rely on our inner reservoir of unexplored potential.  Lets thrive and find creative solutions to our common pains.
  • More hunting for innovation
    • Do you sense your presence in the market as being highly impactful? Is there something preventing you from reaching that impact? Lets discuss it.
  • More hunting for help and sharing
    • Nothing is more rewarding in life than offering help and sharing meaningful experiences. And here we are for that.
  • Hunting more for a sense of belonging 
    • As together we are always better

We are an unconventional  IT community.  We love technology but our love for it doesn’t compose the whole spectrum of our lives.  We are more than weird people passionate about tech.  We have emotions, fears, experiences within recruitment process which prevent us following our passions, things which keep our minds busy yet not for the good of our productivity.  All this and much more related to this we try to clear it out.  Raising our voices together makes us stronger and more impactful on our market.

We are hunters and targets in the same time and the hunting became a global sport!  Lets be more selective with the things we hunt for ourselves.