Our brand

Top Less Hunt triggers (as per our intentions):

  • laughing
  • intrigue
  • suspicion
  • controversy

But all together its a name which always stays with our readers.  And whats more rewarding in a brand than customers acquisitions costs?!?!  And we can only thank you for the fact that you can easily remember us!

One of our mentors in this adventure is Richard Branson and his very famous brand by now.  His arguments for choosing his name are pretty close to our intentions.   Did we manage to intrigue you? Did you smile when you hear us? Are you suspicious about what we stand for?  Well, we then achieved our first goal!  And we invite you to join us in our mission.

How we came up with this name?

Top – Because we plan to become a benchmark of the sector we want to sunshine over

Less Hunting – because all of us started an unprecedented hunting for non sense objectives.  We live in a hurry, hunting and being hunted constantly.  And because we try to shift the focus from the status quo of the quite unfortunate triangle of recruitment market: client – agency – consultant.