Bob Wierda: We Have no Time For Setbacks!

I met this days one of the most talented sales person in recruitment market.  Bob Wierda is young, driven by passion, highly professional and extremely committed to his job.  Bob works as Business Developer IT in one international recruitment agency.  Remember that I mentioned few posts ago that working with international agencies will cut your time costs with about 75%?  Well, Bob is another exponent of those highly efficient and extremely loyal to their jobs.  Bob will not take a “NO!” as an answer and will creatively find solutions to any challenge in this aggressive market.

He managed to bring me an interview with an extremely skeptical client.  His strategical thinking and willingness to do not take any setback as benchmark is what an excellent sales person needs in this business.

To my favorite question “Is there a market for video CVs?”, Bob considers we are not yet there … I would say the native English speaking countries are way ahead than the others.  But lets see how the non native countries will be conquered by the companies acting in the video editing space …

We respected Bob’s wish to do not publish the name of his company and therefore the video was edited in order to remove it.  However we are sure that his employers are as proud as our community is to find those kind of professionals in the recruitment business.  And if you are searching for a job just give a call to Bob Wierda!  You will be sorted out!

P.S. We had a lunch after the interview I had with his client and we have to apologise for the quality of the sound.  Nevertheless his strong message can pass by …

Thank you, Bob!


4 Things You Might Consider Before Changing Your Employee Status into Freelancing


Time is the most precious commodity on Earth. To be spent efficiently here it is how I see my ROI of time:

  • the invested time shall bring me joy OR
  • the invested time shall bring me money OR
  • Ideally the invested time shall bring me both joy and money in the same time but this is not that frequent to achieve OR
  • Else the time is lost

Now when we optimize our investment of time we try to reduce the last category of investment (the time lost) and we try to increase the investments of time which brings us joy. And joy can be achieved each time by different things like: looking at the sky, having a walk, not being stressed or frustrated, calling a friend, watching a movie, working on a personal project or doing any other things which are in sync with my inner self in that particular moment when I have that experience.

As a freelancer for over 10 years sometimes I need to jump in the waters of the market and search for a new contract. Here it is what I have learned during this process:

  1. You need to do your own marketing

You need in average 1 month to setup and close a new deal. Why is that so? You need about 10 calendar days to send out thousands and thousands(24/7) of CVs everywhere on the planet and regardless if the job you apply for is suitable for you or not. You need to do your own marketing campaign and let the recruiters of the World know that you are on the market. In which category you would include the investment of this amount of time? Well you either include it in the invoiced price of your next project or you add it to the lost category(as joy it can’t be considered).

2. You need to meet the recruiters

A recruiter is a third party agency which is hired by the client to search for someone for a specific job description. I love the international recruiters because those never ask me to have a face to face meeting with them. They would call you and ask few basic questions related to what you know to do, what are you searching for and the expected price. However the local recruiters will all need to see you first before introducing you to any client. And here we go: you can’t have more than one meeting per day with a recruiter as I usually plan those meetings after the business hours so I could still invoice that day while I am still preparing my future contract. And so if I stay on the market for one month and I need to see daily a recruiter that will cost me 3 hours of my time at least: one hour driving and searching for the place where I have the meeting, one hour talking to the recruiter, one hour driving back. 3 hours*20 days = 60 hours spent with my local recruiters. And again I either include those 60 hours in the price of my next project or I can painfully accept them in my time lost category.

3. You need to meet the client

If your price is high the recruiters will filter you out most of the times. They will introduce you to the client only in the last minute when they have the feeling that they might lose that opportunity and then you will be thrown in the shark tank for that client. The reason is mainly their own margin which cant be that high if they buy you at high price. But lets say you passed the gate and the client received your CV. Whats next? Hopefully the client spotted out all the keywords s/he is searching for in your CV. If yes, then you are invited to introduce yourself. And then again: one hour drive in average to the client, 1 hour of discussions and one hour driving back. In one month I manage to see between 1–3 clients as usually if I met the client they will buy me so I don’t need to see others. Here the investment of time is between 3 and 9 hours. Do you charge them in your next project or do you add them to the lost line?

4. You need to negotiate the contract

Once the client gave you the agreement for starting working for them you start negotiating the contract with your recruiter. And here again I love the international recruiters as they will not even call me or ask me to meet them in order to sign the contract. They will send it by email, I will send back the updates I need to have in certain conditions, they will update it for me and send it back for my electronically signature or just to sign&scan and sent it back. An international recruiter will cost me maximum 15 minutes call prior to meet the client, will send me an email with the address and date and time of my interview with the client and in 30 minutes I would have the contract updated and signed. In total less than a hour cross the entire process. However the local recruiters will call you several times to explain you part of the contract which they would consider I did not understand it and so trying to convince me that I should let it written as per their proposal. There will be several iterations back and forward before having a final version of the contract. And even then you would need to meet them in order to sign the contract in front of them. So again at least 2,5 hours to be able to meet them plus several other hours to negotiate over the contract. In which basket to include this investment of time? If the price I requested is accepted could be that those hours are included in the future project or else I have few more hours for my lost time category.

Imagine you need to repeat the whole process 3–4 times in a year? You might keep you pretty busy for a good while, without necessarly increasing your joy percentages …

Dear recruiter next time when you think the price a consultant is charging is to expensive please take into account the above calculations too.

Obviously the recruitment process needs more digitization in order to scale and save everyones time.  It will be in everyones best interests.  By operating in the described way the recruitment agencies can’t simply grow and scale globally. How many consultants they can physically meet in one day? And in order to have one good CV for one position they need a pool of at least 100 consultants on that same profile.  If they need to meet each and every person is simply impossible to sell and to sell at costs which can still be interesting for them. On the other side as consultant you need to run in circles for at least one month in order to prepare you future contract. That’s again one month when you are not in holiday enjoying the beach and its a month which you most of the times don’t invoice it anywhere.  So the only category where you can include that month is in the trash bin of your life. On the other hand I managed to close so far only one contract in 10 years with an agency with whom I had face to face meetings during the process.  How sounds that in terms of efficiency?

Personally I would say the future of video CV is here. We need to move into the video presentations and we need to have online platforms from where we buy the experts.  The existing model is simply not feasible anymore.  It gets us exhausted!

The fact is that our live on Earth is limited and we cannot afford to spend it inefficiently.  And when you think this process is supported by human resources companies.  Which by themselves should take care of the human potential and not throw it into a trash bin.

Share with us your reflections below …

US recruited the person to get the things done

US taught us today a number of old lessons with regard of how World runs, what both business and politics values.

Perception does matter

I woke up this morning in a World which didn’t unveiled its last secret to me and I keep being surprised if not shocked up to asphyxiation by how the US recruited its person for the presidential job.

Despite all the books I have read about personal development and how the life game has to be played I was somehow believing in the back of my head that being the person who just gets the things done brings you that desired recognition which we all need, as per Dale Carnegie’s believes. I was just so damn wrong all this years and I kind of started to realize whats is holding me back from making my true potential work for me. Creating the right perception about oneself if by far more valuable than doing the right things in the right and accurate way, at the right moment in time. Because “your right” definition its very likely to do not be the others right way of perceiving things.

So yes, in politics, recruitment or any other business its all about perceptions!

Win the Casino and you win the World

Smart streets pay off. Again elegance and integrity will fade in front of any form of poker game. Trump knows how to win the casino and so he got it all.

Do you have strong opinions?

Having strong opinions on anything may turn against your best interest to keep up the relationships open and fruitful. I was wondering how EU will have to pay for all the strong opinions they expressed prior to the elections about Trump.
We will patiently wait and see.

You don’t get elected/selected with what you did but with what you promise to do

By constantly reminding your peers what you did and how good you did it will not bring you their votes. You will only and always win based on promises. Are you good in articulating promises? Then the floor is yours.

Being women and working hard its just not enough

I have heard many times the following statement: “if last century had to solve the racism problem this century will have to solve the gender gap”. After those election I tend to believe that during my life time the gender gap will not be solved. It will be the task of many generations to come.

Women are not allowed to do mistakes and when they do they get judged by a double standard. You can be 200% qualified for a job, you may have all the qualities required to get the things done however your skirt will make that little difference which will keep you longer in a queue before your turn will come. Your opinion will need to convince 120% of the crowds before it will get applaud.

Women still not support enough women

I can only report from personal statistics:
– I passed only one time in my entire history an interview where a women was part of recruitment panel. I had a period when I declined the interviews where I knew in advance women will be part of the panel as I would have just lose precious time of my limited life
– The only time when someone requested me to cut my price happens to be a woman
– In a meeting where majority is hold by women they will always welcome any silly/non sense remark coming from a man while if another woman has a different opinion it will be simply discharged and dismissed

The women of one of the most educated nation on Earth refused to give their vote to another woman today. What stopped them? Their own frustrations of not achieving enough by their own means? I obviously cant answer for them those questions. However there is a tough road ahead and the road is long enough before women will conquer their place at the table.

And again what US elections were teaching us today is equally valuable for any other type of business. So be prepared folks!