Melinda Gates Has a New Mission: Women in Tech

I have started with my computer science studies in high school. We were half class girls and I was convinced tech was the coolest thing to learn at the time. And I still believe so. I was the second generation of high school programming graduates and that was just 20 years ago. Despite all tech progress over the past years the numbers of girls finding IT attractive dropped and continues to do so. There is an obvious need for changing policies, cultures and biases starting from early education systems, continuing over recruitment processes and addressing gender specific needs in order to make the diversity of the IT sector a fact and not just an item on a to-do list.

I refuse to believe the DNA of tech talent choose to sit only in a male brain. The mother nature does not discriminate on that level. Therefore I would conclude it is only environmental disruption. And those environments should start acknowledge there is time to allow and create the space for female talents to flourish.

Melinda Gates was in tech for decades too and as she recognizes I do see how tech women are becoming more and more “exotic”.