Bob Wierda: We Have no Time For Setbacks!

I met this days one of the most talented sales person in recruitment market.  Bob Wierda is young, driven by passion, highly professional and extremely committed to his job.  Bob works as Business Developer IT in one international recruitment agency.  Remember that I mentioned few posts ago that working with international agencies will cut your time costs with about 75%?  Well, Bob is another exponent of those highly efficient and extremely loyal to their jobs.  Bob will not take a “NO!” as an answer and will creatively find solutions to any challenge in this aggressive market.

He managed to bring me an interview with an extremely skeptical client.  His strategical thinking and willingness to do not take any setback as benchmark is what an excellent sales person needs in this business.

To my favorite question “Is there a market for video CVs?”, Bob considers we are not yet there … I would say the native English speaking countries are way ahead than the others.  But lets see how the non native countries will be conquered by the companies acting in the video editing space …

We respected Bob’s wish to do not publish the name of his company and therefore the video was edited in order to remove it.  However we are sure that his employers are as proud as our community is to find those kind of professionals in the recruitment business.  And if you are searching for a job just give a call to Bob Wierda!  You will be sorted out!

P.S. We had a lunch after the interview I had with his client and we have to apologise for the quality of the sound.  Nevertheless his strong message can pass by …

Thank you, Bob!